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b. Weather conditions: _________________________________________________
(insert a summary of weather records and warnings)
c. Transportation facilities
(insert a summary of transportation facilities providing access to and from the site,
including information about their availability and limitations)
d. Insert other pertinent information: _______________________________________
7. Pre-Proposal Conference (Design/Build).
Is a pre-proposal conference to be scheduled? Yes____ No ____
If yes, complete the following:
a. Scheduled for (day) _________________ Date _________________________
b. Location: ________________________________________________________
c. Point of Contact: ________________________________________________
d. Telephone Number:
(__________) - __________ - ____________________
8. FAR 52.252-3, Alterations In Solicitations
(Consult with Project Leader, and/or Contracting Officer if this information is required
or if there will be any special conditions for proposals)
a. Will technical proposals be in several parts?
Yes____ No____
If yes, describe ___________________________________________________
b. Will costs be separated from technical requirements? Yes ___ No ___
c. Will proposal require an Administrative breakdown?
Yes ___ No ___
d. Will proposal require an Organization breakdown?
Yes ___ No ___


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