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1. GENERAL: NAVFAC regulations require that amendments must be in the possession
of each prospective bidder a minimum of ten (10) calendar days prior to the bid opening
date. Failure to meet this deadline will result in bid postponement. Amendments prepared
by the A-E must be submitted to the PL prior to the bid opening date to allow for review,
processing, printing and distribution by the COMMAND. The amendment must be
submitted to the PL in time to allow for printing and mailing, so that the bidders will receive
the amendment at least 10 days prior to bid opening. Full size drawing reproductions take
longer to reproduce. If full size drawings are included, increase the lead time required as
advised by the PL.
2. FORMAT: Amendment items must be in the same order as in the subject project
specifications' sections. Changes to specifications shall be first, followed by new
specifications, verbal descriptions for drawing revisions, sketches (if allowed), and, finally,
drawings. Minor changes to drawings may be made by written descriptions and by
sketches on 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper. Sketches shall contain no more than one detail and
shall contain the same title block as the drawing revised. Major changes may require
re-issue of existing specification sections and drawings or the addition of new
specification sections and drawings. Include changes in order of NAVFAC drawing
number and specification number. Attach new or revised specifications sections to back
of amendment before any drawing or sketches.
3. PAGE FORMAT: The COMMAND will provide the cover sheet (Standard Form SF30)
for all amendments. The A-E shall provide the remainder of the amendment beginning with
page 2. Provide the following title and numbering system for each sheet:
Project Number, Title, and Location Specification Number (Upper left hand corner)
Amendment Number (Upper right hand corner)
Section Number or Sketch Letter(If required)
(Bottom center of page)
Amendment Numbers will be assigned by the PL and will begin with "0001" for each
project. Page numbering will appear as follows and the first page shall always start with
"2." Changes shall be in the same order as the specifications.


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