Quantcast Procedures for Combining Separate Projects

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1. GENERAL : Individual projects prepared by one or more A-E Firms may be combined
for the purpose of securing a single bid. If the Command directs the AE to combine
separate projects, the A-E selected to combine the projects shall prepare the bid package
under the direction of the PL and in conformance with the following guidelines:
a. Identify individual projects as Part "A" and Part "B" or Part "X," in alphabetical
order as required, for the combined projects.
b. Package the bidding documents and Division 1 specification sections together
and identify as Part "A"/Part "B"/Part "X" on each sheet. Identify the technical
specifications including Division 2 through Division 16 as Part "A" or Part "B" or
Part "X," as required, on each sheet.
In some cases, the use of the "Parts" designation may not be appropriate. The PL will
furnish guidance in packaging the project documents.
2. TITLE PAGE: Prepare new title pages clearly identifying the required parts, project
titles, job order numbers, and PL. The cover sheet for the entire package shall contain the
signatures of all A-E firms responsible for each part. This is to signify that all A-Es agree
that the Division 01 specifications apply to each of their part's technical specifications.
Place individual cover sheets for each part as the first page of each of the parts.
3. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Prepare separate Tables of Contents for the bidding
documents and Division 01 specifications packages and each of the technical
specification packages. Identify in the Table of Contents with the Division 01
specifications that the Table of Contents for the technical sections for each part is located
at the beginning of each part's specifications.
4. REPORTS: Prepare separate Submittal Registers and Test Reports for each part and
the Division 01 specifications.
5. DRAWINGS: Label all drawings in the lower right hand corner, above the title block,
with the appropriate part designation as required.


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