Quantcast Technical Sections

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Include as applicable for each section:
a. System Description: Use descriptions required to explain characteristics or
special requirements. Especially required if not indicated on drawings or
requirements not included in product description.
b. Submittals: Describe any special submittals, testing, or calculations.
c. Quality Assurance: Describe special project requirements such as mock-ups,
samples, or special testing required.
d. Warranty: Describe any special warranties.
e. Components: Describe materials and manufactured products, equipment,
finishes, and components. Use performance requirements, quality of finishes, or
reference standards if appropriate.
f. Fabrication: Describe special shop or factory fabrication requirements, special
finishes, or special tolerances.
g. Preparation: Describe unusual or special requirements.
h. Installation: Describe special installation requirements or tolerances more
restrictive than normal standards. Reference trade association standards.
i. Field Quality Control: Describe field test requirements for installed products.
j. Schedules: Identify where products not easily shown on drawings are used.
Include simple schedules for special finishes or quality and special hardware.


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