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A detailed project cost estimate submittal for all projects over $100,000 shall be prepared
and identified by at least the specification number and systems format in accordance with
MIL-HDBK 1010, Cost Engineering Policy and Procedures guide and using the Success
Cost Estimating Program. If additional information or clarification pertaining to estimates
under $100,000 is required, a visit to the Cost Engineering Representative is highly
9.2.1 Estimating Format And Documentation
All cost estimates will be in the Success format except for the backup documentation for
the Engineering Documentation which is a part of the Parametric Cost Estimate (PCE)
and 1391 Plus Submittal for unique projects not readily adaptable to Success.
9.2.2 Success
The A-E will be required to run the estimate on his/her own computer equipment. Hard
copy estimates will be required for each submittal. The Success program, data base and
User's Guide are included on the Construction Criteria Base (CCB) compact disc.
Contact Code 04CN.JB, Cost Engineer if CCB is not available. A copy of the NAVFAC
Success configuration report file and manual with sample reports, will be made available to
all A-E firms upon request. Include the following reports (menu selection) with each
"A", Summary Report
"B", Systems Report
"D", Mark-up Report
"E", Detailed Estimate Unburdened
", 90mm) containing the complete estimate with all submittals.
Send a disk (3
Minimum computer requirements are provided with the program.
9.2.3 Detailed Estimate
Detailed Estimate means that all work required by each work breakdown structure (WBS)
item shall be completely estimated under the applicable WBS systems and subsystems in
the Success format even though the project may include work at multiple facilities. For
example, all concrete work and all interior electrical work in the detailed estimate shall be
taken off by their respective work breakdown structures (WBS). One exception is items of
work such as demolition, excavation, concrete, miscellaneous iron and other items


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