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9.2.6 Submittal Guidance
The submittal requirement is the same for 45 percent, 100 percent and Final Estimate.
Review comments will be provided at each submittal stage. A-E response to review
comments at each submittal is mandatory. Remember all estimates will be submitted
using the work breakdown structure (WBS) numbering system. Failure to do so will be
cause "for rejection." Parametric Cost Estimate (PCE) Submittals, 1391 Plus & 15 Percent Estimates
Provide a primary and supporting facilities development sheet as back up for the budget
estimate summary sheet, as indicated in the Cost Estimate Format Guide. 45 Percent Estimates
Prepare 45 percent estimates in as much detail as possible. Make sure that the scope of
the project is clear. Fully develop the estimate summaries at the 45 percent stage even
though the detailed work breakdown structure system by subsystem Success systems
estimate may lack full detail. It is necessary to carefully evaluate escalation and design
development contingencies discussed in previous paragraphs. 100 Percent Estimate
The 100 percent estimate shall be developed from completed drawings and specifications
and shall be a firm and realistic estimate of the project cost based on a detailed and
accurate quantity take-off extended with current unit costs. The summaries shall reflect
costs by Bid Items as described in the bid documents and shall follow the approved or
revised format furnished with the 45 percent review comments. As part of the 100 percent
review comments, Cost Engineers will prepare a Cost Position Summary comparing it to
the A-E's 100 percent estimate. Response to the summary and explanation to other review
comments is mandatory and shall be provided as part of the Final Estimate Submittal. Final Estimates
The final estimate should require only a backcheck of the 100 percent review comments if
the project scope has not changed. If there is significant change in cost between the 100
percent and Final Submittal, verification will be required.
See Chapter 3. If the project scope of work includes Engineering Documentation, the A-E
is required to contact the Cost Engineer for detailed instructions on preparation. Examples
of these items are shown in the Cost Engineering Estimate Format Guide.


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