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10.3.1 Travel
Include a completed A-E Travel Claim Voucher, Exhibit 10-C, for each individual when
invoicing for travel.
10.3.2 Final Invoice
Include executed Contractor's Release, Exhibit 10-D. Final payment will be made after:
a. The Final Submittal has been reviewed and accepted;
b. The A-E has submitted a properly executed contractor's release; and
c. The A-E has returned all materials borrowed from the government.
Exhibit 10-A shows invoicing format applicable when the A-E contract involves the design
of one or more facilities. Include only items of the original contract and the change orders
thereto. The award of services included as contract options will be by change order. If
Post Construction Award Support is included as an option to the A-E Contract, a change
order for these services will be issued after award of the construction contract. Item by
item guidance on how to complete the Contract Performance Statement, Exhibit 10-A
10.4.1 Location
The title and location of work as shown in the contract document.
10.4.2 Contract
A-E contract number.
10.4.3 Sheet Numbers
Number sheets consecutively.
10.4.4 Period Ending Date
Actual closing date of work for which invoice is presented. The period ending date must
agree with the date on which the work was actually completed; e.g., the date on which
submittals were actually made to Command.


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