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10.4.5 Cost Category
Column (1). Leave blank.
10.4.6 Description Column (2)
Shall agree with descriptions of work authorized under the contract. Each portion of the
A-E work shall be itemized as shown. Include any travel and per diem allowance contained
in the contract in the itemized listing. If the contract includes Post Construction Award
Support, provide separate descriptions for Construction Contract Support Services, Field
Consultation During Construction and Value Engineering Evaluation, Title II Inspection, as
10.4.7 Estimated Cost - Column (3)
The estimated cost shall agree with the contract price and any subsequently approved
modifications, including travel allowance. Enter modifications separately. Do not include
work not covered by an executed contract document. The total of this column shall be the
total value of the contract to date. For final invoicing involving reimbursable items, column
(3) should be reduced to show actual costs and total if the A-E claims less than the amount
10.4.8 Percent Complete - Column (4)
The total of this column is the percentage of physical completion of the contract
requirements as estimated by the A-E. Where this quotient involves a fractional
percentage, the figure should be rounded. For final invoicing involving reimbursable items,
column (4) should show 100 percent.
10.4.9 Value - Column (5)
The value of the completed work is the estimated cost of each item as shown in column (3)
multiplied by the percent completed as shown in column (4). In no event will an invoice be
processed for payment where the total indicated for column (5) is in excess of the total
indicated for column (3) multiplied by the total percentage indicated for column (4). For
final invoicing, include the actual costs for reimbursable items.
Include the name and code of the PL and the project identifiers as shown on Exhibit 10-B.


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