Quantcast Total Value Of Contract Through Modification

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10.5.1 Invoice Date
Date of submission of invoices. This cannot precede "Period Ending" date shown on
accompanying Contract Performance Statement, and shall not precede date of award of
contract nor date of previous invoice.
10.5.2 Invoice Number
Insert the number of the invoice starting with "1" and continuing in sequence for subsequent
invoices. The last invoice under the contract shall be labeled "Final".
10.5.3 From
Shall be the firm name, Point of Contact (P.O.C) and complete address as shown in the
contract document.
10.5.4 Contract
Insert the contract number as shown on the contract document.
10.5.5 Station
The location of work as shown in the contract document.
10.5.6 Total Value Of Contract Through Modification
Insert the numerical designation of the last executed modification. The amount of the total
value of contract shall agree with the total shown on column (3) of the Contract
Performance Statement, including travel and per diem allowance. On the final invoice, this
figure should be reduced to reflect actual costs for reimbursable items such as Travel,
Field Consultation and Value Engineering Evaluation if the A-E claims less than the
reimbursable amounts authorized.
10.5.7 Percentage Of Performance Complete
Divide column 5, Exhibit 10-A, (total) by line A, Exhibit 10-B.
10.5.8 Value Of Completed Performance
The value of completed performance shall agree with the total of column (5) of Exhibit 10-A.
10.5.9 Less: Total Of Prior Invoices
Insert the total of previous invoices and not the actual amount received by the A-E.


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