Quantcast Calculation Requirements

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Furnish in separate bound volumes by disciplines, designated as "Calculations", all
supporting data, rationale (system and equipment selection, engineering considerations
and life cycle cost) and calculations. When the 45% submittal is not required, calculations
normally required to be submitted with the 45% shall be submitted with the 100% submittal.
1.1.1 Civil
Provide calculations to support the design for the following:
a. The quantity of water required and the sizes, materials and class of all pipes,
reservoirs and pumps for all water systems. Also provide typical pump and system
b. The quantity of sewage and the sizes, material and type of all sewer lines for all
sanitary sewer systems. Also provide typical pump and system curves.
c. To verify the design flow and sizing of all Sewage Treatment System units.
d. The asphalt and paving sections.
e. Storm drainage facilities.
f. To indicate if the site has a balanced cut/fill or the quantity of borrow/disposal.
g. Retaining wall design to comply with the latest edition of UBC.
1.1.2 Structural
Provide sufficient structural calculations to verify the framing system, and all major structural
elements for all loads including wind and seismic.
1.1.3 Mechanical
Provide calculations for the following:
a. Building or room heat gain and loss.


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