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b. Pressure drops for pump and compressor selection.
c. Duct, equipment and other external losses for fan selection.
d. Water capacity of pipe and equipment and pressures used for system design
and for expansion tank selection.
e. Expansion and contraction of piping with stresses at loops and anchor points.
f. Cv value selection for all control valves.
g. For direct expansion refrigeration systems, provide information for pressure
drops and velocities of gas and liquid (including velocity to return oil for gas and
suction risers), at zero degrees F.
h. Water heaters - capacity and make up requirements.
i. Heat exchanger - temperature, flow, capacity and heat rejection rate.
j. Fluid velocity in pipes and ducts.
1.1.4 Electrical
Provide calculations for the following:
a. Preliminary connected and demand load tabulations.
b. Lighting calculations showing design and calculated foot-candles to justify
quantity, type, and layout of fixtures.
1.1.5 Fire Protection
Provide calculations for the following:
a. Total sprinkler system demand based upon discharge density, area of sprinkler
operation and outside hose allowances.
b. Fire pump size and pressure calculation.
c. Foam application rate.
d. Rate of application of CO2 and any other approved clean agent.
e. Smoke control system pressure difference, airflow and response time.


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