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1.2.4 Mechanical
Provide refinement of 45 percent calculations, i.e., complete detailed calculations to verify
adequacy of design and selection of equipment, source connections, and flow balance.
Calculations shall include but shall not be limited to:
a. Room by room load calculations.
b. Final steam, hot water, chilled water, gas, oil, etc., distribution and flow balance.
c. Update flow diagram to reflect final loads, equipment capacity and pressure
1.2.5 Electrical
Provide calculations to verify adequacy of design and selection of equipment, conductors,
and protective devices. Include as a minimum the following:
a. Load tabulation of connected and demand loads.
b. Voltage drop calculations for conductors.
c. Voltage drop calculations for starting large motors.
d. Short circuit calculations.
e. Lighting calculations.
f. Coordinated time-current characteristic curves of protective devices. Final
device settings and time-current characteristic curves shall be provided during
construction when exact devices are known.
g. Tension and sag calculations for pole line conductors, messengers, and guys.
1.2.6 Fire Protection
Update 45% calculations to verify adequacy and accuracy of the system. Complete
hydraulic calculation of sprinkler and foam water system to verify adequacy of available
water supply.


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