Quantcast Attachment D Project Review Environmental Permit Checklist -Cont. - aeg_sw0234

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26. Is a RCRA permit required?
27. Does the project involve an air pollution source?
28. Compare air source emissions with the Applicable Air
Pollution Control District (APCD) state allowable emissions
standards and determine if permit application is required.
29. Will toxic air containment's present require a health risk
30. Will equipment noted on enclosed list be installed or modified?
31. Are regulated operations or sources such as boilers,
incinerators, petroleum storage tanks, fire-fighting training,
munition disposal by burning, plating, sandblasting, rocket and jet
engine testing, asbestos application by spraying, fuel-transfer, or
painting involved?
32. Are there other potential air sources?
33. Is a construction permit required?
34. Will new source Best Available Control Technology (BACT), Air
Quality Modeling (AQM), Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LAER) and
offsets to meet requirements of new sources review regulations?
35. Are other regulatory agency permits required?
36. Are emission controls provided (Particulate, SOX, VOC, etc.)?
37. Will there be an air emission source from an Installation
Restoration Program (IRP) removal or remedial project?
38. If yes, will a CERCLA permit exemption apply? (Remedial action
conducted entirely on-site)
39. Does the project involve a gasoline filling station?
40. Is a stage I and/or a stage II vapor recovery system required?
41. Are permits required?
42. Does the project involve land or building acquisition?
43. Has an environmental site survey been completed?
44. Is the site known to have been used to store, handle, or dispose
of hazardous materials/wastes?
45. Is the site, or has it been, occupied by bulk storage tanks?
46. Is asbestos present or likely to be present?
47. Are PCB transformers present?
48. Will necessary permits require environmental testing/cleanup?


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