Quantcast Attachment D Project Review Environmental Permit Checklist -Cont. - aeg_sw0237

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97. Is the discharge going to flow to a storm sewer system, surface water or
98. If yes, is a NPDES permit required?
99. Construction permits may be required for outfall structures or wells.
100. Will there be a discharge to the sanitary sewer from an Installation Restoration
Program removal or remedial action project?
101. If yes, is a permit required?
102. Facilities that "discharge storm water associated with industrial activity," includes
any site where certain activities are performed. Projects that propose to perform any
industrial activity may require (1) modification of an existing NPDES storm water permit
or, (2) submission of an application for a new permit. NPDES permits will also be
needed if a facility, currently without a permit, constructs an industrial facility.
103. Does the project involve construction activities that disturb more than 5 acres?
104. If yes, is a NPDES permit required?
105. Will there be discharge to the storm sewer from an installation Restoration
Program removal or remedial action project?
106. If yes, will a NPDES permit be required?
107. Does the project describe work in or adjacent to the coastal zone or aquatic sites
such as, but not limited to, rivers, streams, lakes, creeks, ponds, estuaries, etc.?
108. Does the project describe work in or adjacent to wetlands?
109. Is the project adjacent to or within a wetland or aquatic environment or will have
an impact upon a wetland or aquatic environment, has a wetland delineation been
110. If the project will have an impact upon wetlands, or aquatic environment, has
site approval been issued?
111. Has the wetland delineation been confirmed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
or state regulatory agency?
112. If a coastal zone consistency determination is required, has it been completed?
113. Does the project require utility runs that might cross wetlands or navigable water?
(These may be included in other projects)
114. Does the project include or require access roads that cross wetlands or navigable
115. Does the project include construction of intake/discharge structures or headwalls
within a wetland or waterway?
116. Does the state in which the project is sited have wetlands and/or dredging regulations
which may apply to the projects?


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