Quantcast Equipment Requiring Permits

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Attachment D-1
1. Abrasive Blasting Equipment (Pot & Nozzle)
2. Asphalt Roofing Kettles
3. Asphalt Tankers
4. Hot-Mix Asphalt Paving Batch Plants
5. Abrasive Blasting Cabinets, Rooms and Booths
6. Tire Buffers
7. Sand, Rock and Aggregate Screens
8. Boilers, Heaters, Gas Turbines and Asphalt Heaters
9. Concrete Batch, Block or Pipe Plants, or Mixers Over 1 Cubic Yard
10. Non-Municipal Incinerators
11. Burn-Out Ovens
12. Core Ovens
13. Metal Melting and Sweating Furnaces
14. Concrete-Treated-Base (CTB) Plants
15. Rock & Aggregate Plants
16. Brick Plants
17. Salt Bath Heat Treat Furnaces
18. Cupola Furnaces for Gray Iron Production
19. Bulk Dry Chemical Transfer and Storage Facility Equipment
20. Gasoline & JP-4 Fuel Storage and Transfer at Fuel Farms
21. Gasoline Service Station Storage & Transfer to Trucks & Automotive Vehicles
22. Paint Spray Booths
23. Curing or Baking Ovens
24. Degreasers (Vapor and Cold)
25. Paint or Solvent Diptanks, Solder Levelers, Roller-Coatings Machines, Driers ands Miscellaneous
Equipment Using Materials Containing Organic Solvents
26. Dry Cleaning Facilities Using Halogenated Hydrocarbon Solvents
27. Dry Cleaning Facilities Using Petroleum Base Solvents
28. Chrome Electroplating, Anodizing, Chemical Milling and Other Material Preparation Equipment
Using Inorganic Chemicals
29. Brake Debonders
30. Waste Disposal Shredder Units
31. Waste Disposal Air Classified Units
32. Waste Disposal Drier Units
33. Waste Disposal Pyrolysis Reactor Units
34. Gas Turbine Test Cells, Aircraft Engine Testing (Non-Shaft Engines)
35. Gas Turbine Test Cells, (Shaft Engine Testing)
36. Piston Type Internal Combustion Engines
37. Grinding Booths and Rooms
38. Organic Gas Sterilizers
39. Surface Coating Application Stations (Metal Parts, Marine, Aerospace & Automotive Coatings)
40. Municipal Waste Storage & Processing
41. Industrial Waste Water Treatment
42. Air Stripping & Soil Remediation Equipment
43. Sewage Treatment Facilities
44. Fire Fighting Training Facility


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