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1. For each specification section, the User Manual shall provide an as-built record of
materials and built-in equipment used in the construction. This should include all as-built
materials and equipment for which manufacturer's data submittals were made in
accordance with the construction specifications. Information to be provided includes a
description and model number of the item; name, address, and telephone number of the
manufacturer and supplier; and where the material was used. Catalog cuts and
manufacturer's data sheets are examples of applicable sources for fulfillment of this
requirement. Include shop drawings as appropriate based on specific relevance to
operation, maintenance, repair and alteration of the facility or system. Shop drawings
should be reduced to 16" x 22" (406mm x 558mm) maximum and submitted in pocket
folders organized by specification section and permanently attached to the binder. Each
pocket folder is to be labeled indicating content. Extraneous data should not be included in
the manual. For example, if manufacturer's data sheets are composed such that
information on several part numbers or model numbers is shown, the as-built material
should be highlighted or otherwise noted and the extraneous sheets should be removed
and discarded. Insert all operation and maintenance data furnished in accordance with the
construction specification in the applicable Division/Section of the User Manual. If an
Operation and Maintenance Manual is provided for this project, the contractor submitted
Operation and Maintenance Data Packages for the selected systems must be
incorporated into the Operation and Maintenance Manual but cross-referenced in the User
2. Under the roofing specification section, provide separate sheet(s) with the following
information for each roofing system: name of roofing product/system; manufacturer's,
supplier's, and installer's name, address, and phone number; warranty period and
manufacturer's specific requirements to maintain warranty; methods and materials for
maintenance, repair, and modification, including prohibited practices; roof structural load
limits; maintenance inspection and service checklists with recommended schedule.
3. Under the corresponding specification section, provide the information shown in
paragraph 3a, b, c, and d below for the following systems: Heating, Ventilating and
Cooling (HVAC) System, Space Temperature Control System, Fire Extinguishing
Systems, and Fire Alarm Systems. This information is in addition to the requirements of
Divisions 2-16, paragraph 1, and should also include all Operation and Maintenance Data
Package information furnished in accordance with the construction specifications.
a. Operation. General system description, concise narrative of system operation
including schematics, control diagrams, color coded flow diagrams, start-
up/shutdown procedures, normal operating instructions, operating norms,
emergency operating instructions, safety and Lock Out/Tag Out instructions, and
interconnection with other systems (such as fire protection). HVAC presentation
shall reference Testing, Adjusting, Balancing, and Start-up (TABS) final Certified


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