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Balance Reports and the Space Temperature Control Systems presentation shall
include all Automatic Controls Acceptance Tests (ACATS).
b. Preventive Maintenance. Provide a routine Preventive Maintenance (PM)
schedule for each system on those components requiring PM. The PM schedule
should include frequency and details of inspection and service to be accomplished
based on manufacturer's recommendations and good engineering practice.
c. Corrective Maintenance. Provide a basic troubleshooting guide to isolate
probable causes of typical system malfunctions and recommend corrective
procedures. Equipment/component removal, replacement and repair instructions
shall refer to the Operation and Maintenance Data Package as submitted by the
construction contractor.
d. Environmental Consideration. Identify systems/equipment which require
environmental operation, reporting, testing, analysis or inspection to comply with
Federal and related state/local environmental laws and their respective
implementing regulations, statutes, policies, etc. For each system/equipment,
describe the required procedure and frequency for environmental operation,
reporting, testing, analysis and inspection.
NOTE: If an OMSI Operation and Maintenance Manual is also to be prepared for
systems of this facility, it is generally not necessary to duplicate information included
in those manuals into this User Manual. However, if the information also applies to
other systems, the data may be duplicated for the applicable sections of the User


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