Quantcast Submittal Requirements -Cont.

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provided to identify all O & M data and its contents. Instruction sheets, drawings,
etc., larger than 8 " x 11", but not exceeding 16" x 22" shall be inserted into the
binders as single fold-out sheets which may be punched or clipped into the
binder or inserted into pockets attached to heavy duty paper. Large O&M
manuals and large drawings such as key shop drawings which cannot be
reduced may be inserted in stiff paper or clear plastic pockets. Because loose
material is easily lost, use of pockets should be kept to a minimum. A Master
Table of Contents for all volumes shall be provided at the front of each volume.
As appropriate, the following statement is to appear at the bottom of each page
of the table of contents: "An OMSI Operation and Maintenance Manual has also
been prepared for selected systems of this facility. Therefore, if some system
data is not found in this User Manual, it may be available in the Operation and
Maintenance Manual."
b. Microfilm Copy. In addition to submitting hard copy sets of the final User
Manual, also required are two sets in a microfilm format (35mm cartridge).
Each set should be self-contained within one or more microfilm(s). Cartridge
containers should be prepared, filmed, and included in each microfilm for each
set, after the binder cover sheet. If more than one microfilm is used to film each
set, the Master Index should so indicate. The first page of the Master Index
should show the following heading information: Type of OMSI Manual; project
title and location; project number and construction contract number; number and
title of the volumes and their respective contents. The Master Index should be to
the level of the hardcopy Master Table of Contents. The intent of the Master
Index is to quickly locate data contained in the microfilm.
c. Electronic Format - Provide narrative information in a Word for Windows
format, unless otherwise specified by the Southwest Division Technical
Representative. Provide drawings and plans prepared for the OMSI manuals
in a CAD format. Name and index the files for ease of identification and
update. Provide all files on 3 1/2 inch high density disks.
d. Compact Disk. - Provide the OMSI manuals on Recordable Compact Disk
using Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or similar software capable of producing PDF
(Portable Document Format) files. Scanned documents shall be scanned at 150
DPI or better. The PDF files shall be indexed by part (Facility Information,
Primary Systems Information, and Product Data) and each entry identified in the
table of contents. Indexes and Hyperlinks may be hidden or highlighted.
Highlighted indexes may only be UNDERLINED or COLOR TEXT. The final
submittal shall include written instructions for installing,
accessing and retrieving information from the Recordable CD.


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