Quantcast Section B- Preventive Maintenance

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8. Test Procedures and Scheduling - provides procedures for as-built system/equipment
tests not performed as recurring preventive maintenance.
9. Operator Servicing Requirements - includes instructions for services to be performed by
the operator such as lubrication, adjustments, and inspection on the as-built equipment /
10. Safety Instructions - provides personnel hazards and as-built equipment safety
precautions for all operating conditions, including Lock Out / Tag Out instructions.
11. Flow diagrams - contains drawings indicating as-built system liquid, air or gas flow
during normal operations.
12. Diagrammatic Plans - provides plans, by floor, of actual installed system.
13. Valve List - includes as-built listing and location of all major valves associated with the
system. The construction contractor will normally physically mark the valves with permanent
type tags/labels to include a consecutive identifying number.
14. Operation Records - includes forms, samples, and instructions for keeping necessary
operating records of the as-built systems and equipment.
15. Special Warranty Conditions - provides guidance/instructions necessary for the
operator to follow to keep all warranties valid for as-built equipment and systems.
Section B - Preventive Maintenance
1. Preventive Maintenance Plan and Schedule - provides a maintenance plan for each
piece of as-built equipment which shall be in accordance with the manufacturers'
recommended maintenance, good engineering practice, and other historical information to
include skill level, frequency and time required for each check; provides an annual schedule
by week to accomplish the required maintenance at the necessary frequency.
2. Work Orders / Task Cards - provides individual maintenance tasks taken from the
maintenance plan and printed on cards which can be used as a work order to facilitate the
performance of the required preventive maintenance by the mechanic assigned to do the
specified work. Cards shall also include information on special tools needed, safety
precautions, Lock Out/Tag Out instructions and environmental considerations.
3. Lubrication Instructions (other than those by operator) - includes a table showing
recommended lubricants for specific temperature ranges and applications; chart (s) with
schematic diagram of the as-built equipment showing lubrication points, recommended
types and grades of lubricants, and capacities; a lubrication schedule showing service
interval frequency.


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