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provide review comments to the A-E regarding the prefinal submittal. These comments will
be provided after site validation, so that problems discovered during review, site validation,
and facility start-up can be addressed by the final submittal. Additional comments may
also be provided by SOUTHWEST DIVISION and the activity after the Beneficial
Occupancy Date (B.O.D.) to address problems encountered during the ongoing operation
and maintenance of the facility. The hard copies from SOUTHWEST DIVISION and the
activity will be returned approximately 60 days before the due date of the Final Submittal.
3. Final Submittal (3 hard copies, 2 microfilm copies required) The master copy should be
retained by the A-E for making corrections and for making the microfilm copies while
waiting for the copies from SOUTHWEST DIVISION and the activity to be returned. The
hard copies and microfilm copies of the final submittal must address the comments made
during all previous reviews and during the validation. A copy of the prefinal review
comment sheet with the A-E's response to each item shall be forwarded with the final
submittal. One hard copy and one microfilm copy shall be delivered to SOUTHWEST
DIVISION; two hard copies (including the "master" copy) and one microfilm copy shall be
delivered to the designated point of contact at the activity.
a. Hard Copy
1. The final manual shall be bound in durable, hard cover, blue, spring post
loose leaf binders that are water and grease resistant. The binders shall be
for 8 " x 11" sheet size and have a three inch thick capacity. Typical
binders will have a clear pocket located on the front and spine which will hold
a printed sheet that identifies the project title, project number, location,
construction contract number, volume number and the system(s) included in
that volume. Each binder shall be referred to as a single volume. If possible,
all sections of a system should be contained in a single binder. Multiple
systems may be contained in a single binder provided that all sections of a
system are included in the same binder.
2. Sheets in the manual shall be high quality paper and the dividers shall be
heavy duty paper with plastic reinforced holes and tabs. Tabs shall be
provided to identify the System title, the different sections under each system
such as "Operation," "Preventive Maintenance," "Corrective Maintenance,"
and "Appendix," and the major topics under each section. Tabs shall also be
provided to identify the title of each O & M Data Package and its contents.
3. Instruction sheets, drawings, etc., larger than 8 " x 11" (215.9mm x
279,4mm) but not exceeding 16" x 22" (406.4mm x 558.8mm) shall be
inserted into the binders as single fold-out sheets. Large O&M manuals and
large drawings such as key shop drawings which cannot be reduced may be
inserted in stiff paper or clear plastic pockets. Because loose material is
easily lost, use of pockets should be kept to a minimum.


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