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Physical Security, NAVFAC Design Manual 13.01 (March 1983)
10.  Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), NAVFAC Guide
Specification NFGS-16727
11.  NAVFAC Guide Specifications as required for security
lighting, cathodic protection, cabling, fence, and other security
elements to be included in proposed system designs
12.  Intrusion Detection Systems Handbook, SAND 76-0554,
Information Systems Dept. 1730 Sandia Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM
1.3  How-To Use This Manual.  This DM is intended to be used as a
process-oriented guide for personnel responsible for the design and
implementation of integrated electronic security systems at shore-based
Navy installations,  This DM should be used in conjunction with the
structural guidance contained in DM-13.01 (Physical Security), other
design manuals applicable to electrical systems, and various guide
specifications appropriate to the proposed design.  Specifically,
NFGS-16727, "Intrusion Detection Systems," relates to required intrusion
detection systems' elements.
1.3.1  Organization and Application of This Manual.  Persons
experienced in the design of integrated intrusion detection systems may
wish to go directly to NFGS-16727 and use appropriate sections of this
specification to develop the required design for the facility under
review.  Sections 2 and 3 of this DM permits those with limited
experience in IDS applications with a general background on the range of
options and a process for selecting the design solution appropriate to
each site.  Sections 4 through 8 provide guidance on various devices and
subsystems which may be applicable to the site.  Section 9 provides
several generic sites with potential applications of devices; Section 10
sets forth a site survey format which design teams may find useful as a
starting point for more comprehensive evaluations of IDS requirements.
The basic process for using this and other design manuals is shown in
Figure 1.


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