Quantcast Figure 5. Detection Subsystem Communications and Control

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b) Individual resource protection systems designed specifically to
protect critical assets such as aircraft, tactical system individual
elements, or other stand-alone special purpose resources.
c) Interior space and point protection sensors to remotely alarm
upon entry to critical areas or access to critical items while minimizing
the need for manned security posts.
d) Devices or nonelectronic means of detecting contraband prior to
entry to protected areas.
e) Manually-actuated duress alarms to permit employees, security,
or other key personnel to signal law enforcement or security control points
in the event of a life-threatening event.
f) Data communications devices and media to ensure highly reliable
and secure alarm signal transmission from sensor devices to the security
control center.  Alarm reporting, display, control and video assessment
elements at this center provide the security/law enforcement organization
with a system control network which facilitates effective command, control,
and communications for timely response to verified threats to site security.
Communication network elements are shown in Figure 5.
g) Detection (and related electronic) subsystem support and
performance elements to enhance total system operation and integrity.
elements are displayed in Figure 6.


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