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2.6  Access Control Subsystem.  The access control subsystem complements the
barrier and detection subsystems and provides automated electromechanical or
procedures-oriented entry authorization/verification for personnel access to
restricted areas.  This subsystem controls and limits entry to spaces
identified as sensitive, to specific individuals or classes of approved
personnel, to vehicles, or to materials.  Access authorization is based upon
established access criteria and verification that the person seeking
entrance is, in fact, electronically or procedurally approved.  Minimum
standards for ingress and egress control measures are established by
OPNAVINST 5530.14 specifically for Restricted Areas (Exclusion, Limited and
Controlled) and generally for all naval installations and activities.
Depending upon the mission and sensitivity of the site, other more stringent
or specific access control requirements may be dictated by Navy or DoD
policy and the policies of the local activity commander.  The various
elements of the access control subsystem are shown in Figure 8.
2.6.1  Access Control Subsystem Elements.  The two basic subsystem
approaches to the control of personnel access to protected areas are:


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