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flow of people through controlled portals while facilitating throughput
during high use periods.
2.7  Related Subsystems.  The fully integrated security system must
also incorporate elements from several other subsystems in addition to those
briefly discussed above.  These include voice communications, personnel and
equipment and, most importantly, the procedures subsystem.  While the
elements included in these subsystems must be integrated by the end user,
their requirements need to be considered in the security system design
process throughout the various phases of project implementation.  These
subsystems are displayed in Figure 9.
2.7.1  Personnel and Equipment Subsystem.  This subsystem provides the
critical human interface of the total security system with the adversary to
accomplish the ultimate objectives of deterrence, delay, detection,
response/engagement, and the prevention of adversary escape.  These total
system objectives cannot possibly be achieved without the timely
intervention of properly equipped and qualified operational personnel
directed by competent and motivated supervisors.  All of the subsystems
discussed in this section are used, acted upon, or directed by the personnel
2.7.2  Procedures Subsystem.  The procedures subsystem is needed to
completely organize the total security system and give policy direction to
its implementation on a day-to-day basis.  The elements include plans,
manuals, standard operational procedures, and other guidance which are
essential to system operation and integrity.  The most reliable hardware
installed in conjunction with the most effective barriers and related
subsystems can fulfill their functions only when security personnel
completely understand their functions and duties during both normal and
emergency operations.
2.8.  Summary.  Clearly, hundreds of elements exist in the security system
user/designer's inventory of choices.  While many of these may only be found
in the most secure sites possessing particularly sensitive assets, the need
to integrate some components from each of the subsystems is common to all
Navy activities where security is a concern.


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