Quantcast Facility Sensitivity/Criticality

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resolution of these issues tends to conclude with assessments of loss or
reduction of mission capabilities at the highest levels of concern and scale
downward to lesser consequences based upon the criticality of the assets to
be protected.
c)  Based upon the critical nature of the activity and the relative
consequences of various events posed against it, the more sensitive or
critical the asset, the more dynamic and potentially sophisticated the
threat(s) against it.  The corresponding security system design objective is
to build sufficient countermeasures to adequately control this range of
d)  The fourth factor influencing the design process is the
inherent capability of the site in terms of protection.  The various gaps in
its protection capabilities against the identified threat(s) equal its
vulnerability to attack.  The ultimate objective of the design process is to
minimize and control each of these vulnerabilities.
e)  Other factors influencing the design process are the
ever-present realities of cost, time, local resources and capabilities,
operational requirements of the activity, and a range of additional
constraints.  These can be the ultimate determinants of the final design
solution and must not be overlooked by the process.
3.2.2  Facility Sensitivity/Criticality.  Based upon activity criticality,
certain generic, top level categorizations of the range of USN shore-based
installations may be made as indicated in Table 1.  These are subject to
increased or decreased emphasis based upon the dictates of local or major
command policy and applicable facility security directives.
Table 1
Facility Categorization by Criticality
Category A [*]  
Category B
Category C
o  Nuclear ordnance  o Sensitive compart- o Limited and Controlledo Command qu
o  Other nuclear
 mented information  areas IAW OPNAVINST
o Offices,
o  Conventional AA&E  (SCI) facilities
o  Tactical/Strategico Tactical/Strategic o Controlled industrial  designated
mission essential  mission essential    areas in shipyards
o General su
USN resources
 USN resources in
o Areas containing
 and traini
outside of CONUS    CONUS
 high value inventory    facilities
o Exclusion areas
 in break bulk
o Naval exch
o Areas containing sen-  commissari
 sitive inventory IAW    etc.
[*]  Responsibility o Facilities
 OPNAVIST 5530.14
o Motor pool
 committed to
o Funds/negotiable
 support mission
 instruments storage
o Piers & wh
 essential resourceso Offices containing
o Key storag
 o POL
o Power
 classified informationo Nontactica
 o Comm.  o Etc.
 IAW OPNAVIST 5510.1G    & power ce
o Security control
o Other spac
 physical s


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