Quantcast Figure 22. Ultrasonic Sensor Coverages

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b)  Installation should never be specified higher than 12 feet
above the floor on a wall; less than 10 feet is preferable.  For
ceiling-mounted sensors, optimal installation is between 14 feet and 7.5
feet above the floor.
c)  Moving objects such as fan blades and driven air should be kept
out of the coverage pattern.
d)  The sensor should be located as far as possible from sources of
ultrasonic noise (telephone bells, escaping steam, etc.).  Do not aim the
sensor toward these items or toward hot or cold spots (radiators, etc.).
e)  Other potential sources of nuisance alarms due to "harmonic
resonance" are rain on a metal roof, "leaking" compressors, and television
or high-fidelity equipment.


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