Quantcast Electrostatic Field Fence Sensors

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the cable caused by sun loading on the cable.
c)  A taut fence is not required for effective performance of this
sensor.  The attendant reduced cost in fence maintenance may be a
significant consideration.
d)  This sensor can function with degraded performance level in winds
up to 35 knots.
e)  This sensor has been performance rated by DoD test agencies to
provide a probability of detection of 0.90 at a 90 percent confidence
f)  Sensor alarm outputs are from the electronics processor, not
directly from the cable.
g)  This sensor may be mounted on the inside of the fence or
interlaced through the fabric.
h)  Gate continuity units are available for strain sensitive cable
sensors to provide continuous protection.
4.3.3  Electrostatic Field Fence Sensors.  Also called E-field sensors, this
type of sensor can be used as a stand-alone sensor for perimeter intrusion
detection or can be attached to a fence.  The sensor consists of one


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