Quantcast Figure 28. Taut Wire Fence Sensor Applications

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processor analyzes these signals to determine if any alarm state exists.
The sensor is stable in quiescent or windy conditions and not affected by
environmental influences when equal on both sides of the vertical sensor
wire.  Any vertical displacement of one of the horizontal wires by climbing
or breaking attempts are mechanically converted to a horizontal displacement
of the sensor wire and converted and analyzed by the sensor processor as an
alarm signal.  The processor will provide automatic equilibrium adjustment
to return to a quiescent state after an alarm event has been assessed and
reset.  For example, the cutting of one horizontal wire will cause an alarm,
and if not replaced, the system will automatically adjust to the new
condition upon reset.  This sensor has been defeated only by highly
sophisticated intruders after repeated attempts.  The following
considerations for application and installation apply to the taut wire
a)  Figure 28 depicts various types of taut wire sensor applications.
Note that barbed tape or plain wire may be used instead of barbed wire.


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