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4.3.7  Exterior Fence Sensor Summary.  Table 7 depicts a summary of various
exterior fence sensors' application considerations based upon data compiled
in the Department of Energy's (DOE) Sandia National Laboratory (SNL)
Intrusion Detection Handbook.  The sensors listed have been in use for
several years at various DOE and public utility facilities.  Their
capabilities and limitations are well documented.  Fence sensors can form a
valuable portion of an IDS provided that the security system designer
recognizes their capabilities and properly applies this information in the
design criteria.
4.4  Duress Alarms.  Duress alarms are used by operational and security
personnel to signal a duress situation.  General application considerations
include high reliability, the ability for surreptitious activation, and
annunciation remotely from the area where the duress situation is occurring.
The security system designer should consider also that duress alarms signal
life-threatening situations and call for special reaction(s) by responding
security forces.  This section will discuss various types of duress alarms
as well as other approaches to duress situation indication.


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