Quantcast Considerations for Application and Installation

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electronic alarm processing within the same control center provides a single
source of information regarding the facility or activity security.  The
other software enhancements of automated guard tours and patrols, fire
system monitoring, security trace, data encryption, and centralized
control/reporting can improve the versatility of the system.  The
capabilities of the system to call up electronic pages of probable
requirements to address detected events with specific details, telephone
numbers, and prioritized sequences reduce further the margin for human error
by reducing the requirements for human judgment.
5.4  Modularity - Building in Expansion and Growth.  As a general rule of
thumb, the installed system should consider an expansion capability of 25
percent with minimum hardware and software additions.  The best method to
accomplish this is to have a basic system which will permit additions of
equipment to meet expansion without obsolescence of existing hardware.  The
step additions in hardware permit maximum configurations to the point of
outgrowing the central processor and then requiring additional processors or
different processors.  State-of-the-art special purpose processing equipment
is designed to be implemented in building blocks, with logical breaks, in
order to meet the differentiations of applicable individualized usages.
Modules which are specific task oriented and software modifications often
provide the required capabilities most cost-effectively.
5.5  Considerations for Application and Installation.  Variables which
impact the choice of access control equipment manufacturer include:  total
number of anticipated cardholder population, throughput requirements, type
and volume of data base available with the system, types of reports required
by the user, ease of system use, and vulnerability of the system to attack,
vandalism, and compromise.  An accurate vulnerability and requirements
analysis will provide vital information which will impact this choice of
equipment technology, manufacturer, and systems integrator.  Since the
selected group of responsive vendors will, in most cases, provide for
"turn-key" installations, a maintenance contract for hardware and software
is highly recommended.  The proposal for maintenance should be examined as
part of the life cycle cost of the system.  The general guidelines in the
following table and the commentary related to coded badge and reader types
are the primary requirement criteria for system implementation (see Table


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