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platforms are appropriate selections for increasing the effectiveness of
CCTV surveillance cameras.  Because of the relatively slow movement
accomplished, even with a shot box, they are usually considered unacceptable
for near real time alarm assessment applications.  For surveillance
applications, platforms, in combination with a zoom lens, can be a most
cost-effective application by increasing the FOVs of individual CCTV
cameras.  Models of tilt and pan platforms are available for every
conceivable application from interior to outdoor on carrier flight decks.
The system designer should keep in mind, however, that these are mechanical
devices and require continual maintenance to assure proper operation.
Models with sealed lubrication are best for all applications to minimize
maintenance man-hour costs, although they are more expensive.  Careful
cost-effectiveness analysis is required before selection of tilt and pan
(and zoom) options over additional fixed cameras to provide the coverage(s)
required.  Housings.  CCTV cameras are generally manufactured for indoor use
in benign environments.  For use in indoor applications where vandalism may
be a problem or other tampering is likely, and for outdoor applications, a
camera housing is required to protect the camera so it will function
properly under such unbenign conditions.  Specialized cameras are
manufactured for specifically harsh applications such as for monitoring the
interior of nuclear reactors, but the only effective solution for such
environments is very expensive.  The "requirement" for camera housing comes
from the fact that using such an item with a camera manufactured for a less
harsh environment has proven to be the most cost-effective approach.  The
Navy security system designer is faced with a wide spectrum of applications


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