Quantcast Controller Data

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often be improved by using video amplifiers.  It is generally more
economical to use standard coaxial cable and an amplifier for greater
distance transmission than substituting types of cable.  Figure 43 and Table
15 depict typical closed-circuit television wiring schemes and distance
constraints.  Controller Data.  After the normally open and normally closed
circuit information is processed by a controller, this information is
transmitted by various techniques to either a terminal (printer or video
display) or a computer.  The information or data transmission is in the form
of audio pulse, tone, or electrical current.  Various equipment uses
specific wire types, shielding, or numbers of conductors, or provides easy
methods to prepare the information for fiber optic, multiplex, microwave, or
telephone line modulation/demodulation techniques.  Most data communication
techniques require specifically conditioned wire circuits to carry the


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