Quantcast Redundancy Considerations

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Custom Search  Equipment.  An off-site control center requires the same
point-for-point alarm devices at the protected premise, but changes in
control and communication equipment are necessary.  The control equipment
will consist of two controlling elements:  the premise controller, which
provides status reporting (on, off, trouble, and alarms) and standby
emergency power for alarm devices, and the reception station which
annunciates specific status reports to provide the information required by
off-site response personnel.  These communications techniques are one-time
additions to the security system cost that are contrasted by the recurring
expense of personnel and training costs borne in the shared system budget.
The transmission techniques detailed in Section 7 are utilized for this
communication of information.  Choice of technique (influenced by existing
shared system) will dictate equipment considerations for the premise.  Procedures.  The use of off-site responding personnel limits the
complex and diverse results of event reports and alarms apparent with
in-house resources to clear, concise and consistent actions.  These
action-oriented resolutions by responding personnel provide effective
security at the expense of imposing restrictions on facility uses that are
out of the ordinary.  Specific information and concise response will provide
efficient solutions to the problem.  Procedures of apprehension are likely
to be primary goals of the off-site personnel in contrast to the objectives
of on-site personnel, which are to assess alarms and minimize asset loss.
8.2.5  Redundancy Considerations.  The protective function of security
control center implementation may require the additional safeguard of
redundant reporting and display.  This redundancy may be accomplished in a
scheme similar to Figure 51.  This figure depicts a redundant reporting
system consisting of detection devices reporting to both local annunciation
and an


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