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9.3  Communications Facility (Exclusion Area).  This facility IDS consists
of automated access control, detection, and assessment subsystems (Figure
9.3.1  Automated Access Control.  The automated access control subsystem
will permit previously approved individuals to enter the Exclusion Area,
specific offices, and other areas.  This subsystem must not mask the
intrusion detection device reports.  The controlling, decision-making
electronics are located within the protected Exclusion Area perimeter.
9.3.2  Detection.  The detection subsystem consists of point and volumetric
sensor components.  The point sensors are balanced magnetic switches on
portals which are outside the protected perimeter (approach hallways) at the
protected perimeter (entry portals) and specific offices based upon assets
contained within the rooms.  The volumetric protection uses ultrasonic
motion detectors outside the protected perimeter (approach hallways) and
within the high security areas.  The ultrasonic phenomenology was chosen
because of the stable environment and the potential of heat-producing assets
within the protected area voiding the effectiveness of passive infrared
9.3.3  Assessment.  The assessment subsystem supports the access control and
detection subsystems by providing closed-circuit television (CCTV).  Camera
coverage provides assessment of alarms at vulnerable areas.  The multiple
entry points are effectively monitored by the minimum two guard personnel,
thus more efficiently utilizing manpower.  Exceptions to the access control
and alarm system operation can be monitored and corrected by using the CCTV
assessment system and an intercom.


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