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9.4  Supply Warehouse.  This facility IDS consists of detection and
assessment subsystems and an interface to a central alarm monitoring station
(Figure 57).
9.4.1  Detection.  The detection system consists of perimeter door balanced
magnetic switches and interior volumetric motion detection sensors.  These
will report through a control unit to a local annunciator (siren or alarm
bell) and a centralized alarm monitoring station.  The use of the IDS to
detect intrusion would be limited to after hours and when critical assets
are stored within the facility.
9.4.2  Assessment.  The assessment subsystem consists of closed-circuit
television cameras continuously time lapse recording during all hours and
keyed to the detection sensors to provide real-time recording of alarm
9.4.3  Control.  Response to alarm events are reported to the off-site
central alarm monitoring station (e.g., Base Police) through a control unit
which also causes a local audible annunciator to sound when an alarm occurs.


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