Quantcast Funds and Negotiable Instrument Storage Area

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9.5  Funds and Negotiable Instrument Storage Area.  This facility IDS
consists of detection and assessment subsystems (Figure 58).
9.5.1  Detection.  The detection subsystem uses point and volumetric sensors
to protect the perimeter and interior of the facility.  The point sensors
are balanced magnetic switches at perimeter doors and entry to areas storing
high value assets.  Interior sensors will avoid the need for perimeter glass
breakage detection sensors.  Passive infrared sensors are specified because
of the open area environment that will contain items that are nuisances to
microwave and ultrasonic phenomenology.  The off-site reporting of the
system will include at least one test per day of system communications.
9.5.2  Assessment.  The assessment components are closed-circuit television
cameras that permit remote monitoring at principal access points and
immediately outside the secured funds storage area.  Early assessment of
alarm conditions are important to properly direct response forces to the
source of alarms.


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