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9.6  Intrusion Detection System Monitoring Area.  This facility IDS consists
of a detection subsystem, an assessment subsystem, and an intercom (Figure
9.6.1  Detection.  The detection subsystem consists of balanced magnetic
switches on the doors to detect unauthorized opening or operator propping
open the door for ventilation.  When the facility is closed to normal
visitors and manned for monitoring, the BMS for intrusion detection will be
placed in the secure mode at the control unit.  Duress alarm switches are
located within easy reach of the operator to permit off-site notification to
response forces.  These systems require a minimum of once per duty shift
testing to ensure communication functions and operator confidence in the
system.  Closed-circuit television cameras provide continuous assessment of
personnel approaching the facility.  When interfaced with a video motion
sensor, it will provide early warning to monitoring personnel of incoming
personnel or vehicular traffic.
9.6.2  Assessment.  CCTV monitors are located in both office and monitoring
rooms to display pictures from exterior CCTV cameras.  Intercommunication
between the front door and monitoring room will allow for audible request
for access to the station with assessment provided by the CCTV system.  Upon
verification of identification, the console operator can remotely open the
front access point by activating an electric strike with a manual switch.


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