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9.7  BX Retail Area.  This facility IDS is designed for use when each
individual place of business is closed.  Each place of business should have
independent system control with a local annunciator and control unit (Figure
9.7.1  Perimeter.  The perimeter detection components consist of balanced
magnetic switches on exterior doors to detect access to contiguous spaces.
9.7.2  Interior.  The interior detection components consist of passive
infrared motion sensors located to protect large open-space volumetric
9.7.3  Control and Annunciation.  The control components consist of a master
control unit and individually located subcontrol units per business zone.
Each zone will have a duress alarm switch initiation provision.  Zones will
be individually annunciated at the protected premises and at a remote
location.  The transmission of alarm information will be via supervised
hardwire, cable, radio, or fiber optic communications.  This data will
include opening and closing reports.  These reports will indicate each time
the alarm system is armed and disarmed.  When the opening or closing
schedule is not met, an alarm will be generated and will require resolution
by the monitoring personnel.  In order for the entire facility protection to
be effective, all detection components in each zone must be operating.
9.7.4  Assessment.  The assessment subsystem consists of closed-circuit
television cameras which view the approach to the protected perimeter in
order to confirm the intrusion point or to assess individuals noted in the


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