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9.8  Commissary Retail Area.
This facility IDS consists of detection and
subsystems (Figure 61).
9.8.1  Detection.  Alarm Reporting and Display Perimeter Detection
components are comprised of balanced magnetic switches to detect intrusions
at each exterior portal.  Interior detection components are provided to
detect intruders at the corridors which enable access to assets.  This IDS
is designed to detect stay-behind intruders and provide protection-in-depth.
9.8.2  Alarm Reporting and Display.  The control unit permits arming and
disarming of the IDS.  The communications scheme utilizes telephone wiring
connection to a central alarm reporting and display processor.  The
arm/disarm functions are monitored and compared to an opening/closing
schedule with exceptions to the schedule treated as an alarm event.  Duress
alarm switches operate on a 24-hour basis and are located at cashier
stations and within the counting room.
9.8.3  Assessment.  Closed-circuit television assessment is not recommended
for this facility since off-site monitoring of the after hours activity will
not provide information of value to response force resolution of an alarm


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