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9.9  Command Quarters.  These are residential IDS systems designed for use
either when occupants are at home or away (Figure 62).
9.9.1  Detection.  Perimeter components consist of balanced magnetic
switches on exterior doors and windows.  Interior components consist of
passive infrared motion sensors located to protect valuable asset locations
and the entry hallway.  If the occupant lifestyle includes small children or
pets, the motion detection scheme needs to be altered to permit more freedom
within the protection zones if the entire system is armed.  Alternatives to
the extensive motion detection or interior traps will require either a full
perimeter system (addition of glass breakage and wall penetration detectors)
or limited selective use of curtain type infrared motion detectors.
9.9.2  Alarm Reporting and Display.  The control components consist of a
control unit and two key stations.  The control unit will use four detection
zones:  perimeter, interior, delay (for entry and exit door), duress, and
report alarms by hardwire telephone lines. The key station will permit
selective arm/disarm and duress switch activation from the entry hallway and
within the sleeping area.


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