Quantcast  Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)

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9.10  Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF).  This facility
IDS consists of automated access control, detection, and assessment
subsystems (Figure 63).
9.10.1  Access Control.  The access control components permit previously
approved individuals to enter the protected area based upon "two-man" rule,
time of day, anti-passback, and area loading criteria.  The controlled
access point for entry to the SCIF utilizes electronics on a day gate since
excessive wear will result when a vault door is used for common entries.
This day gate is denoted as the inward opening door.  The access control
components will report and store information on access attempts and denials
and approvals but will not inhibit detection alarm reporting.  Requirements
outlined in directives indicate the need to cause an alarm each time an
armed IDS area is entered.  No disarming can occur from outside the
protected area.
9.10.2  Detection.  The detection components consist of point and volumetric
sensors which will annunciate any intrusion into the protected area.  The
arm/disarm key station should be located within the protection of the IDS
perimeter to avoid having any means to disable the system without causing an
alarm.  Also, delay timers to permit entry of the perimeter to disarm system
without causing an alarm are not permitted.  The IDS control output will
require filtering.
9.10.3  Assessment.  The assessment subsystem consists of closed-circuit
television cameras located outside the protected perimeter and one intercom
at the principal entrance.  Cameras will permit egress or alarm
verification.  The intercom is a convenience device designed to permit
communication between persons entering the facility and the remote
monitoring site.  Due to the classified storage vulnerabilities within the
facility, cameras are not used within the facility to avoid the chance of
compromise of classified data.


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