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9.11  Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Facility.  This facility IDS consists of
two detection and alarm monitoring and control subsystems (Figure 64).
9.11.1  Detection.  The detection subsystem consists of perimeter components
consisting of infrared and supervised BMSs and interior components
consisting of volumetric, passive infrared motion.  Perimeter rooms with
glass windows are equipped with passive infrared sensors.  These sensors
will provide detection of entry into the room from an interior door or
through a broken window or wall.  Infrared units located in the corridors
are for detection of stay-behind intruders who may hide in spaces above the
ceilings.  BMSs will be installed on doors of rooms which contain valuable
or high risk assets.
9.11.2  Alarm Reporting and Display.  The control unit provided for multiple
zones allows selective arming of areas within the facility and off-site
reporting of alarm events.  This will provide for securing certain sections
of the facility while others are occupied.  This type of facility may
require local police department notification for resolution of alarm events
since the reserve centers are often located outside the jurisdiction of Base
police forces.


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