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9.12  Training Facilities.  This facility IDS consists of automated access
control and detection and alarm reporting and display subsystems (Figure
9.12.1  Access Control.  The automated access control components will permit
access to the vault by authorized persons.  This subsystem is considered to
be stand-alone since the access will only be permitted during duty hours
when the complementary detection subsystem is disarmed.
9.12.2  Detection.  The detection components are point and volumetric
sensors protecting the entire perimeter and selected interior spaces.
Balanced magnetic switches are used on exterior entry doors and glass
breakage detectors in order to detect area-to-area movement of stay-behind
9.12.3  Alarm Reporting and Display.  The reporting of alarms to remote
monitoring personnel is a function of the control unit.  This facility is
considered to have specific duty hours that permit securing the entire
perimeter after closing hours.  The monitoring and reporting can be
proprietary if this facility is part of a larger facility that is occupied
on a 24-hour basis.  Access control subsystems will permit routine patrols
of the area and may be used as a record of these patrols.


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