Quantcast Automated Data Processing Facility

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9.13  Automated Data Processing Facility.  This facility IDS consists of
automated access control detection and assessment subsystems (Figure 66).
9.13.1  Access Control.  The access control devices are card readers located
at entry/exit portals that permit unlocking of doors based on authorized
card holder, day of week, and time of day authorizations.
9.13.2  Detection.  Balanced magnetic switches are used on each door to
detect unauthorized opening or propping open of doors.  The passive infrared
motion detectors will detect stay-behind intruders when the system is armed
for after duty hours.  Access control and detection sensors report alarms
and status exceptions to both off-site monitoring and local annunciators.
This facility is considered to be a part-time use portion of a large
facility.  The system will use a proprietary reporting scheme.  If equipment
in computer area is processing "RED" data, the unexposed wiring connected to
the underneath raised flooring (grounding plates, etc.) needs to have sensor
placement to detect tampering.
9.13.3  Assessment.  Closed-circuit television cameras are used to permit
remote monitoring of the area after closing hours.


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