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Section 10:
10.1  Purpose.  The purpose of this site survey guide is to provide a list
of important items to be investigated during preliminary engineering and
project design stages of NAVFAC projects which involve the integration of
intrusion detection systems into the facility design process.
10.1.1  Classification of Completed Guides.  Caution should be exercised by
individuals performing the completion of these questions on sensitive
projects.  Specific responses to certain questions may be classified in
themselves or in the aggregate.  It is the responsibility of the project
engineer to be thoroughly familiar with applicable security classification
guides and to protect resultant classified information accordingly.
10.1.2  Relationship of Checklist to Applicable Directives.  The questions
incorporated in this guide are necessarily broad in scope due to the diverse
range of applications potentially involving NAVFAC project tasking.
Individuals assigned to the design and installation management of specific
security system upgrade projects should review applicable DoD and Navy
directives and refer to specific checklists which may be included therein.
Examples may be found in OPNAVINST 5530.14, U.S. Navy Physical Security
Manual, (Appendix III) and DIAM 50-3, Physical Security Standards for
Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (enclosure 5).  The guidance
contained in NAVFAC DM-13.01, Physical Security, may also be applicable in
terms of physical security since barriers and locking hardware items are the
first line of facility defense.
10.1.3  Project Complexity.  Obviously, this checklist would not be
completed in its entirety for a relatively simple application.  By the same
measure, it may be too general for the very large multipoint installations
found increasingly in Navy facilities.  The design team should use
applicable directives and guidance noted above and elsewhere in this manual
and add or delete specific categories in accordance with the specific
requirements of each site.
10.2  Using This Guide in Conjunction With the Design Manual.  This guide is
intended to be used in conjunction with the design process set forth in
Section 3 of the design manual.  The information contained in a completed
survey is the data required for input to the requirements analysis phase of
the process.  While the survey format needs to be adapted consistent with
the needs of each site, the total documentation of conditions and influences
present during the survey form the foundation of the security systems
implementation process.


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