Quantcast Alarm Communications

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Which data transmission techniques are most appropriate:
Point-to-point transmission (hardwire ( ) microwave ( ))
Party-line multiplexing
TDM (Time Division Multiplexing)
FDM (Frequency Division Multiplexing)
Land lines
Radio links (Frequency Band(s))________________________________
If TDM will be used, have the following factors been considered:
______ Scan rate (i.e., frequency at which each input is transmitted)
______ Dead time and provisions for "remembering" information during
this time
______ Effects of loss of synchronization and methods and time required
to reestablish synchronization
______ Effects on assessment techniques
Are remote units needed for:
______ Sending control information to remote premises (e.g., to operate
remote-controlled door strikes)
______ Exercising self-test features
______ Local annunciator for back-up purposes
______ Signal encryption/coding
Will the system use remote ACCESS/SECURE switches (i.e., premises
control units (PCUs)) which must be operated by someone at the protected
premises? ___________
If PCUs will be used, consider the following:
For what reasons will PCUs be included in the system?
______ To meet regulations
______ Because PCUs are part of the manufacturer's system
______ To improve security by forcing a person to be at the protected
______ Other ________________________________________________________
Will an indication be provided in the Security Operations Center (SOC)
whenever a PCU is switched from SECURE to ACCESS and vice
Who will operate the PCUs?
______ Security personnel
______ Nonsecurity organization personnel responsible for the protected


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