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(6) Determine average moment of inertia of the beam from
Chapter 5, Section II of NAVFAC P-397.
(7) Find equivalent elasto-plastic stiffness, KE, of the
beam using Table 7.
(8) Calculate equivalent elastic deflection, XE.
(9) Determine load-mass factor for the beam using Table 10.
(10) Determine natural period of the beam using Equation 6-15
of NAVFAC P-397.
(11) Determine ductility ratio, Xm/XE, from Figure 6-7 of
(12) Check rotation using Table 8.
(13) Check direct shear using Equation (46) and Table 28.
(14) Determine diagonal tension stress at critical section
using Equation (43).
(15) Determine maximum shear capacity of the unreinforced web
using Equation (44).
(16) Find required area of web reinforcing from Equation (45).
(17) Check minimum tie reinforcing area and maximum tie
(18) Determine required resistance for rebound of the beam
using Figure 6-8 of NAVFAC P-397.
(19) Assume reinforcing steel for rebound.
(20) Repeat Steps (3) to (5) to satisfy required resistance
for rebound.
(1) Structural configuration is shown in Figure 38a.
(2) Pressure Time Loading is shown in Figure 38c.
(3) Maximum support rotation of one degree.
(4) Yield stress of reinforcing steel, fy = 60,000 psi and
concrete compressive strength, f'c = 4,000 psi.
Weight of concrete, w = 150 lbs/ft3.


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