Quantcast Scope and Related Criteria

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For Fy = 36 ksi, [theta]max should be reduced
according to the following relationship for L/d less
than 13:
[theta]max = 0.14 L/d + 0.18
For the higher yield steels, [theta]max = 2[deg.] governs
over the practical range of L/d values.
(3) Plates.
(a) Reusable structures.
[theta]max = 2[deg.] or [mu]max = 5, whichever governs
(b) Non-reusable structures.
[theta]max = 4[deg.] or [mu]max = 10, whichever governs
(4) Cold-Formed Panels.
(a) Reusable structures.
[theta]max = 2[deg.] or [mu]max = 3.0, whichever governs
(b) Non-reusable structures.
[theta]max = 4[deg.] or [mu]max = 6.0, whichever governs
(5) Open-Web Joists.
(a) Reusable structures.
[theta]max = 1[deg.] or [mu]max = 2, whichever governs
(b) Non-reusable structures.
[theta]max = 2[deg.] or [mu]max = 4, whichever governs
For the equations above:
[theta]max =
maximum member end rotation (degrees)
measured from the chord joining the member
[delta] = relative sidesway deflection between stories
H = story height
[mu]max = maximum ductility ratio, Xm/XE, for an
L/d = span/depth ratio for a beam element


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