Quantcast Structural Framing

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All hot rolled structural shapes and structural tubing shall have a
minimum yield point of 36,000 psi in conformance with ASTM A36 or
A501.  All hot-rolled steel plate, strip, and sheet used in the
fabrication of welded assemblies shall conform to the requirements
of ASTM A529, A572, Grade 42 or A570 Grade "E" as applicable.  All
hot-rolled sheet and strip used in the fabrication of cold-formed
members shall conform to the requirements of ASTM A570, Grade "E"
having a minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi.  Design of
cold-formed members shall be in accordance with the AISI
The minimum thickness of framing members shall be:
Cold-formed secondary framing members
18 gauge
Pipe or tube columns
12 gauge
Webs of welded built-up members
1/8 inch
Flanges of welded built-up members
1/4 inch
Bracing rods
1/4 inch
All framing members shall be fabricated for bolted field assembly.
Bolt holes shall be punched or drilled only.  No burning-in of
holes will be allowed.  The faying surfaces of all bolted
connections shall be smooth and free from burrs or distortions.
Provide washers under head and nut of all bolts.  Provide beveled
washers to match sloping surfaces as required.  Bolts shall be of
type specified below.  Members shall be straight and dimensionally
All welded connections shall be in conformance with the Structural
Welding Code D1.1 of the American Welding Society.  The
flange-to-web welds shall be one side continuous submerged or
fillet welds.  Other welds shall be by the shielded arc process.
Primary Structural Framing.
The main frames shall be welded "I" shape of constant depth
fabricated from hot-rolled steel sheet, strip and plates, or rolled
structural shapes.
Compression flanges shall be laterally braced to withstand any
combination of loading.
Bracing system shall be provided to adequately transmit all lateral
forces on the building to the foundation.
All bolt connections of primary structural framing shall be made
using high-strength zinc-plated (0.0003 bronze zinc plated) bolts,
nuts, and washers conforming to ASTM A325.  Bolted connections
shall have not less than two bolts.  Bolts shall not be less than
3/4 inch diameter.  Shop welds and field bolting are preferred.
All field welds will require prior approval of the Owner.
Installation of fasteners shall be by the turn-of-nut or
load-indicating washer method in accordance with the
specifications for structural joints of the Research Council on
Riveted and Bolted Structural Joints.


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