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Side and End Laps.  Side laps of roof and wall panels shall overlap
by minimum of 2-1/2 corrugations (2 valleys).  End laps, if
required shall occur at structural steel supports and have a
minimum length of 12 inches.
Semi-rigid insulation for the preformed roofing and siding shall be
supplied and installed by the preformed roofing and siding
Insulation Retainers.  Insulation retainers or sub-girts shall be
designed to transmit all external loads (wind, snow and live loads)
acting on the metal panels to the structural steel framing.  The
retainers shall be capable of transmitting both the direct and
suction loads.
Wall and Roof Liners.  Wall and roof liners shall be a minimum of
24 gauge.  All liners shall be formed or patterned to prevent
waviness, distortion, or failure as a result of the impact by
external loads.
Fasteners.  Fasteners for roof and wall panels shall be zinc-coated
steel or corrosion-resisting steel.  Exposed fasteners shall be
gasketed or have gasketed washers of a material compatible with the
covering to waterproof the fastener penetration.  Gasketed portion
of fasteners or washers shall be neoprene or other elastomeric
material approximately 1/8 inch thick.
Type of Fasteners.  Fasteners for connection roof or wall panels to
structural steel supports shall consist of self-tapping screws,
self-drilling and self-tapping screws, bolts, end welded studs, and
welds.  Fasteners for panels which connect to structural supports
shall be located in each valley of the panel and with a minimum of
one fastener per valley while at end laps and plain ends, a minimum
of two fasteners shall be used per valley.  Fasteners shall not be
located at panel crowns.
Fasteners which do not provide positive locking such as
self-tapping screws or self-drilling and self-tapping screws shall
not be used at side laps of panels and for fastening accessories to
panels.  Fasteners for side laps shall be located in each valley of
the overlap and positions a maximum of 8 inches on center.
Screws shall be not less than no. 14 diameter if self-tapping type
and not less than No. 12 diameter if self-drilling and self-tapping
Automatic end-welded studs shall be shouldered type with a shank
diameter of not less than 3/16 inch with cap and nut for holding
the covering against the shoulder.
Fasteners for use with power actuated tools shall have a shank
diameter of not less than 1/2 inch.  Fasteners for securing wall
panels shall have threaded studs for attaching approved nuts or


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